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    I'm very sad to hear about that Felipe. :( Normally, the embassy will call you and ask you to come to their office in the morning. But the thing is, they will not tell you anything over the phone. They will just say, "I cannot disclose any information through phone." I completely understand how you feel. As I've mentioned earlier on this thread, my visit visa was also denied. The embassy will give you the result of your application as well as the reasons why your application was denied. To tell you the truth, I find it a bit odd that the visa officer didn't ask for your COE even though you already offered it. Normally, they should accept all possible documents/proofs you have. Anyway, for now, it will be best to know the reasons why it was denied. As far as I know, you can still re-apply for the same type of visa as soon as you like (for as long as you will then be able to already cross-out the reasons for the denial). I read from another online thread about this girl who had to apply for her visit visa 4 times before it got approved. Although, if you have that thought of permanently residing in BE already, then I guess it would be best to apply for a cohabitation visa next time. You may apply as soon as you like (once you have received the result of your previous application). But as you might have probably known already, cohabitation visa might take a much longer processing time. Patience is a virtue, indeed. :)

    You might feel very disappointed or frustrated right now, but it will pass. You'll be fine. Been there. ;) And don't lose hope. You can still come join us here in BE. Take it from me.

    Please keep us posted. Btw, ZD is on a weekend vacay so that's why you don't hear from her so often. Anna Liza also had quite a busy week. As for me, my man and I just came from a one day trip to Paris and then it was all about meeting family and friends. In the future, you're probably gonna have the same busy schedule (once you get here). ;)

    Hi Sharlot,
    Don't worry too much about yours. As what they always say at the embassy, it's a case to case basis. For as long as you can prove to them that you really intend to go back to PH, then there shouldn't be a problem. Keep us posted too. :)

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