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    @Desert Vixen and Anna Liza- Great news indeed that finally you'll have your passport with visa, fly, and be reunited (at last) with the love of your lives! Believe me ladies, I know the feeling! Exciting that I will also meet my new friends!! I am also telling to hubby about you ladies (and also about Felipe) and he is also happy that I have pinay friends coming.. Let's set up a date ladies! I will clear my sched by say June, and I will invite you over for a dinner here in the house (I will cook!). I will PM you ladies for details. Wiih ~ excited much!

    @Anna Liza - re your inquiry about driver's license. Yes, we can use our non-pro license here in Belgium for 90 days. After that, we have to apply for Belgian license. You will need your residency ID or permit (which you will need to process with your hubby as soon as you're married), your non-pro license from Phil., and 2 passport photos. And this is most important ~~ Nationals of EU countries, Israel, Japan, Malta, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Switzerland, and the US can exchange their own licenses for a Belgian one without having to take a driving test. (Isn't that great?).

    @Felipe - sweetie, we know how you feel..but it's a bit early to be anxious.. and pls. don't entertain negative thoughts in your mind (that will stress you a lot even more). as you said, you are busy with work ~ so stay busy and positive! I also advise you to email embassy after 4 weeks from the date you lodged your application. That's reasonable enough time to inquire for updates..Being proactive is okay but you also need to know your timing..

    Also some sisterly advice to the ladies ~ I was under the weather these past few days because of some allergy (sneezing fits), colds, and cough because of pollen every where. I love spring but not the allergies that goes with it. So, if you think you might also be allergic to pollen, bring antihistamines with you or whatever allergy meds you have since you will be traveling May. Keep safe.

    God bless..

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