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    Cohabitation Visa

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    Dear Cristian, I dont think that it would be problem that she helps you financially as she will also have to take care of you in Belgium when you get the visa. For my case; I just finished my college studies and I dont have a work at the moment. My boyfriend added western union receipts to the file, and I received a bank card from him linked to his account. We added this too. These are not required in document list but when I contacted Belgium Embassy in my country to ask about proving our relation, she told me that these documents are not vital but they may help to show that you are in stable relationship. Did you check this page? There are requirements for this type of visa https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Application-guides/Pages/

    I recomend you to be very careful about documents as one wrong paper may lead to refusal. I applied for the secone time and my first application was rejected because one paper was prepared in a wrong way by municipality in Belgium. I wish u best luck

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