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    Denied Visit a friend Visa

    posted by  Lambert Flores in Belgium forum 

    Hey guys I just went to the Embassy earlier today to get my Passport and the Reasons of Refusal.

    I felt sadness which is a usual feeling of being rejected/refusal of the visa but there's nothing I can do but to accept and try it again. But I wont try it soon, what I want to do is somehow establish like a financial stability like having a savings account and start putting money into it and it should be 6 months of age before I should apply for a Visa again to show to them that I have money, not a lot but enough for me for back up or at least show them that I can save enough money for myself because it's so impossible to save big money if you're working with a salary of minimum wage unless otherwise you have a small registered business to also present to them.

    I did not declared during the interview that we are partners but instead I only declared that we are good friends. My partner is already 52 and I'm 25 and they questioned it why would I visit someone whose age gap is 27 years from me?

    I just recently enrolled at Benilde to study 1 year photography but I already have studied for several years of Interior Design from the other school and they questioned that if there was any other course that I took before my current course. Because I only declared my current school which i think was enough but it was not.

    These are some of the reasons.

    There's a Rainbow always after the Rain. Let's try until we get Approved and be with our Love ones.


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