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    Virtue: patience

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    Hi Jelyn,

    Good day!
    Yes I don't have the result it yet. It seems like almost 1 month and 2 weeks since I lodged my application. Maybe because I wrote in my itinerary that I am going to spend a holiday there by December. So I guess they thought that I am not rushing that's why they don't have the decision yet. Possible next week..(hoping) hehehehe..

    The good thing is they already received my application. They are still waiting for the diplomatic bag.
    For the meantime, I am busy in my work here in Manila. As of October 3 applicants only 2 got a decision all of them are positive and the rest no result yet.

    How you are my dear? what happened to your application. It seems that it wasn't yet registered in Federal department in Brussels. Did you call the embassy?

    Hope everything is okay.


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