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    This isn't the first and only forum I signed up for. I think I have 2 others. BUT, this is the only forum I found really helpful. A big thanks to ZD Pardo (the president of bayanihan team/trio taga-payo). LOL

    I agree with everything that Anna Liza said. Thing is, I never expected that joining a forum can be this fun. I truly feel happy that I met you guys here. And I'm also glad that like ZD Pardo, Anna Liza and I are now able to help others in some ways.

    And don't worry Felipe, you're soon gonna be a part of the team. Hahaha! Just keep the positivity going. And don't worry about the name. Once you're a member, we're gonna change it too...uhm...quatro taga-payo? :D But hey, it still rhymes. ;)

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