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    I will surely tell the truth about us and what is our relationship. He's 27 yearsolder than me and he's been here for 4th times last April and he will be back on July for 21days again. I also have a photos when me and my niece and nephews and my mothers went to Ocean Park, photos with my friends. i will tell everything about us.. I also have some photos of our video calls on skype.

    About my requirements.
    I don't have bank statements because i dont't have savings yet but i'm planning to have a photography business soon around this year and printing business with my friends.
    For visit a visa application i think it's a bearing if you don't have bank statement be ause what you need to prove is that you're solid relationship with your boyfriend and if they will not approve myapplication I will just have to try and try because my friend reapply 2 weeks after she got denied and she was approved pn her 2nd application.

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