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    To Felipe

    posted by  ZD Pardo in Belgium forum 

    awwww...I just got back from a trip and is only updated about this thread just now..sorry to hear the sad news..but perk up my friend..as they always say ~ everything happens for a reason..

    And yes, wait for the advice from the embassy as to the reason of the visa denial so as not to fall on the same loophole again. From there, you and your partner can decide what's the best course of action to take.

    If you decided to apply for visit again, I advise that you only apply for 3 to 4 weeks visit max as they always have a high suspicion of overstaying for applicants who applied for 10-12 weeks (depending on the purpose of course) ~ hence, the denial. Now, if your main purpose of coming to Belgium is to be reunited with your partner and stay with him for the rest of your loving days, then cohabitation or fiance (yes Belgium recognizes same sex marriage) visa is more appropriate. Good luck my dear for your application..and keep that faith alive! Keep us posted ok?

    God bless you,
    -ZD Pardo

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