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    im new here

    posted by  tina delacruz in Belgium forum 

    hello to all.. its actually my first time to join a forum and thank God, by surfing the net i was able to check this out...! okay to start it all, im in a relation with a Belgian guy and he visited me twice last year.. I am now 5months pregnant and he already booked a flight in his come back this April. we planned to get married after i deliver the baby either end of June or 1stweek of July. so he had to come back twice again this year cause he only have 3weeks vacation on april and he decided to have long holidays on July. so my questions are:

    1. what are the papers i need to present to the embassy of Belgium here in manila? " correct me if im wrong" :)
    2. during the interview, what are the questions they commonly ask to both couple?
    3. talking about the visa, what kind a visa should i get? spouse visa or marriage visa ( since we are going to get married here in the Philippines) how long is the process?
    4. would it be hard for my partner to get us here since we are going to have a baby soon? or is it an advantage?

    i really need enough knowledge about all this stuff... thank you so much.. pls reply soon cause my bf and i wanted it to be planned well and he really is so worried that he will not be able to see the baby for long. God speed everyone :)

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