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    ladies and felipe

    posted by  Anna Liza Gural in Belgium forum 

    Excellent news! yahoooo!!! and yes, we totally have to start bonding there in BE once me and Desert Vixen got settled..

    this is it Desert Vixen, your last visit to the embassy.. hehehe... and mine on the 18th of May. when are you flying again? mine is on the 20th..

    Hey felipe! chill out bro! you gonna be fine.. your papers are in and of course the waiting is such an insanity i know! but hang in there, okay?.. we've all been there..

    ZD Pardo, pollen? ooppppsss! i have asthma! hmmm.. something to be ready for.. thank you for the advice there... surgical mask, here i come! hehe.. no, seriously, thank you, and such a relieve for us on our non pro driver's license coz i am about to get an Int'l Driver's License here but great to know that it is not needed..nice!

    hopefully the FEDex boxes should arrive by sometime tomorrow so i can start loading up my stuffs..


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