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    Well, I once traveled to Jordan and I had to stay for 6 months but I was successfully able to pack only 30kg. It was such a struggle but I had to choose my clothes and shoes carefully. Hehehe! It was difficult but possible. As for BE, I'm just gonna bring a few clothes and buy the rest in BE. LOL. However, my mom (hopefully) is gonna visit us in August so I might ask her to bring the rest of my stuff. Just do what you think is best. ;)

    Hi Felipe,
    No result meaning to say it doesn't show any file whenever you search for your visa number? It happened to me too when I was applying for a tourist visa. At that time, it says no result. But now, when I check for it, it shows me my visa result. Strange isn't it? If that's the case, then I guess you can only wait for the Embassy to contact you. *sigh* I know how frustrating that can be. :( But no worries, just keep hanging on. You'll never know. Maybe tomorrow is your lucky day. ;)

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