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    Hi guys I want to ask about the REQUIREMENTS.

    We are planning to Apply for VISIT-A-FRIEND Visa on July when my boyfriend is here so he can accompany me . Is it ok if we will make 3 sets of each requirements? If in case i wont be approved I can just lodge another Visa Application as soon as possible or 2 weeks interval.

    I need your suggestions so we know what do to.

    I'm also organizing

    -all our photos together
    -his ticket going here since we met
    -skype chats and video call logs
    -facebook messages
    - some email messages
    - Certificate of Declaration from the resort where we had our vacation and hotel accommodations
    - domestic plane tickets of our vacation
    - videos I made from our vacation

    on his side
    He will prepare
    -Detailed NOTARIZED letter of invitation, guaranteeing that I will stay at his house, that he will be the one to buy plane tickets, that he will make sure that I will be back here in Philippines.

    If you have any suggestions I will appreciate it :)


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