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    Hello Desert Vixen,

    nope. the time that i submitted all my docs is the only time they asked me questions. After that, they have not called me at all. I guess they knew me well enough coz i flew to BE twice for my vacation and maybe the info they have is more than enough?

    Based on the link that you share to see the status on our visas, it states there that my docs made it to BE on Mach 28 and it got AKKOORD on April 28. Hmmmm.. im also a little worried on the fact that they have not send us an email yet?.. and yes, there was also a time that i called up the embassy and the same thing happens that the call got forwarded to the voice prompt over and over again. Rather strange.

    Ladies, i think we are just neighboring places, it's really not that far from each other. yahoo!

    ZD Pardo, question, have you already went to a dutch language school yet? coz if not, maybe you can wait for us and we can all enroll together?

    Yeah, BE fries, Waffles, Chocolates and Beers! there is just so many right?...


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