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    Leaving on a jetplane!

    posted by  Anna Liza Gural in Belgium forum 

    Ladies and Felipe,

    yup, this is it! i already got my passport with me here and documents thought at 01h53 in the morning i still have so many more things to do.. hehehe..

    to the Ladies (ZD Pardo and Desert Vixen) i gonna see you both here in BE as soon as i get settled, i will surely give you a holler..

    to Felipe, dont you worry my dear, you will be fine.. do something for you to get by this week and next week.. time flies..

    and i so! second emotion to Desert Vixen about the hospitality of the visa officers.. hehehe!!! so abrupt and cold.. very sad indeed! hehehe.. yup from Monday's - Thursdays i guess is the visa follow up between 14h30-16h00. Felipe, you also let us know what is the outcome alright?..

    see you guys soon!


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