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    Hello my peeps!

    posted by  Anna Liza Gural in Belgium forum 

    Hey Desert Vixen, ZD Pardo and Felipe!

    yup, the last few days, i was busy doing a refresher's course in Driving with SMART.. then awhile back, FEdex already picked up my 2pc. 25kg boxes and i payed a total amount of Php20038.50 and it will arrive in BE by thursday,at my fiancee's doorstepp hopefully by friday.

    yes, im very much excited myself for going to the embassy for the very last time.. and tomorrow is literally my last full day in manila..wow! im experiencing mixed feelings.. happy coz im going to be with my man forever and sad because i will be leaving my family and friends behind..

    but then again, i know i will meet Desert Vixen and ZD Pardo.. this is as good as home..

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