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    The e-mail!!! Finally!

    posted by  Desert Vixen in Belgium forum 

    I just read the e-mail from the Embassy. Yay!!! It's so strange though that your visa has been approved on April 28 and yet they only contacted you now. Hmp! Not so nice. But oh well. At least they contacted you already and that's the most important thing. ;)

    I'm glad I already have Filipina friends in Belgium. That's one of the things I worry about. Like, "Oh no. How is it gonna be like to live in a place where you don't know a lot of people and not have so many kababayans?" So yeah, it's all cool now. :) So happy to have met you here, ladies. Once we're all in Belgium na, we can update each other on how we can a get a job or how to enroll in a language course. And I bet ZD Pardo is gonna be our angel again. Hehehe!

    Proficiat to all of us! I'm really very happy. Let's keep each other posted, ayt? ;)

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