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    To Anna Liza and Desert Vixen

    posted by  ZD Pardo in Belgium forum 

    Yes ladies proficiat (congrats)! I know from the start that you will both get a positive result (and I prayed for you both) :D Let's celebrate! woot woot!

    @Desert Vixen - thanks for reading my blog and for the compliment. It's just really my way of helping out ladies who are just clueless (like me) about this tedious process. BTW, I don't have my passport stamped with the COF thing (I think it's not for Belgium).

    @Anna Liza - yes AKKOORD means agreement (or approval). The embassy will call (or email) you any time soon now.. :D

    And yes ladies we have to meet up here in Belgium. Keep me posted! God bless you both!


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