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    I miss you all!

    posted by  ZD Pardo in Belgium forum 

    Ik mis jullie guys! Yeah my sched was pretty hectic these past few days...I was reading the past messages in the thread (I can't believe we are in page 5 now, the last time I checked it was page 3 :D) and I can't help but laugh about the "trio tagapayo" thing ~ that's really a catchy name! LOL

    @Annaliza ~ have a safe trip girl okay..prepare Php750 for terminal fee or departure tax as they call it and Php 1620 for travel tax (they will advise you in the airlines counter if you need to pay or not for the travel tax ~ as some tickets already have the taxes included with your payment). Just make sure you still have enough peso with you in case...Weather in Brussels will be 21 C on Saturday and mostly sunny so you don't have to worry about wind chill and all that. I know the mixed emotion thing ~ we all go through that especially in our culture of close family ties ~ but hey, also remember that you're also going to build your own family now, with the love of your life (and that's more your priority now) ~ and I'm sure your family back in Phil. will support you all the way and will always be there for you. And it sure helps to have new friends here (we'll support each other all the way..:D)

    @Desert Vixen - you too girl, have a safe flight..and I know this week for you will also be hectic meeting up with close friends and partying with family too..so enjoy the days with them while you still can, but don't forget to save up some peso enough to pay for the taxes in the airport! LOL See you soon !

    @Felipe - yeah that's a good attitude you have ~ not being nervous ~ you don't have to be..just keep the positive energy and as my hubby always tells me (when I was still waiting for my visa) to always keep the faith! :D

    We are all basically BFFs here now, so don't you all think it would be a good idea to add us all up in our social networking? I am signed up in FB. Ladies and Felipe, if you also have your facebook account please PM your account name so I can add you up and continue our chikahan there.. Dank u wel. Zie je al snel!

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