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    Hi Liam,

    Welcome to our forum. We are sorry that this forum is not much of a help for those who would like to apply for a family reunification visa (as the title of the forum says so). But I'm glad to know that this forum was able to drive positivity within you.

    I am not sure which documents you mean exactly but for sure they should've asked for the most important ones such as birth certificate and the like. And upon reviewing the information on their website, a visa fee is indeed not necessary for this type of application so no need to worry about that.

    If and only if (knock on wood, God forbid) you didn't get a positive result, there's no need to feel devastated because you can always re-apply for it. Just make sure to carefully read and understand the reasons for the disapproval of your visa (they will provide you a paper stating the said reasons) and accomplish the criteria you were not able to meet on your next application.

    Of course I do hope that you get a positive result. ;) You may check the status of your visa application through this website:


    Don't be surprised/worried if you get "No Result". Normally, it takes 2 -3 weeks (or even longer) before your data is on that website.

    Good luck on your application, Liam. I wish you the best.


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