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    To Jhayde Verian

    posted by  Kathleen D'Haeseleer in Belgium forum 

    Hi again! I just would like to extend some help since some of the people I have met are also generous enough to share their knowledge and experience in fiancee visa application. My fiance did not send the said requirements to me. Those documents are needed for him to apply for Marriage Declaration Act in BE.

    When it comes to your requirements, you need to provide your NSO Birth Certificate, NSO CENOMAR, Residence Certificate, SPA and Proof of Nationality. All are authenticated and legalized before you send those documents to your boyfriend.

    Just look for my name on Facebook. It is letter Z and not S. Hehe! Here is the link of the blog. I used it as my guide during the processing of my papers. The blog is very detailed so it made easy for me.


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