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    Spousal visa

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    I just want to share what happened to me and my husband (now) before we decided to get married.

    First, we start praying for it. WE are both born-again christian. We plan this marriage last January (2012).
    We decided to get married here. Because we want to share this to my family and close friends. So what he did,he prepared his divorce certificate, proof of his birth, criminal records (if any here is police clearance), residence certificate and proof of singleness. All translated to english. He went to a lady attorney for the translation . And get the papers done in a month. He mailed me the photo copy of these papers. What I did was prepared my CENOMAR and Brith certificate and cedula as requirements for the application of marriage contract in the city hall. I paid 150 for the marriage application here in Q.C. When he arrived last April, we didn't waste time. Monday we went to city hall and filed the marriage contract in the afternoon we met my pastor for counseling and it went well. We didn't attend the seminar but we paid 1,500 for the seminar because he's a foreigner, they accepted the counseling certificate if you're wedding will be officiated by a pastor They told us to wait till next friday to get the certificate and they allow us to submit the other requirements the next friday. A favor from God again. Tuesday, we went to Belgium embassy. What I have is my birth certificate and cenomar authenticated by the DFA (embasy was located near PBCOM in ayala ave,) If u will take a taxi it took 1 and half hour to get there from North Edsa. We arrived before 10 am. filled up the forms and pass his requirements together with his passport and ID. The lady in the counter told us to get back at 10:30 am for the interview start at 11 am. We are 2nd in the list. We came bk before 10:30 and waited to be called. At exactly 11:20 the interviewer called my husband's name. I just notice that most of the couples especially the guys. Didn't wear a proper attire. I mean don't get me wrong. They should at least wear pants and nice shirts. Some wore, old shirts and sandos, shorts and slippers. :(( Anyways, This is what i observed coz' i did a lot of interviews for jobs, be presentable enough for it. That's why you can't blame the interviewer if she's mean. Anyways, the interviewer asked only 1 ID from me I gave her my driver's license, to my husband she just asked his passport, his documents and our application. Most of the questions was directed to me. Where did we meet, how long our relationship is going, (us is 7 months) if i met his family and children, do I have any job before, and did he supported me financially. Be honest and sure about your answers or else she will correct you. She even told us that at the moment they are strict with young girls marrying an old man. I am 42 and my husband is 51. She asked me first my age. I look younger than my age. :)) The interview lasted for 15 minutes only. All questions are directed to me and my decision to marry my husband here in manila.She then told us to pay for 1,500 and wait. After 5 minutes she came bk and gave us the slip and told us to come bk on thurs for the certification. Praise God! We went back thurs and get the papers and the certification to marry here. We waited for only 15 minutes till the lady called my husband's name and gave us the papers. We are so happy. Even the guard there was nice to us. The guard gave me the form for the next step "the spousal visa". Friday, we went back to the city hall and submit the certification to marry here. We wait for an hour to signed it and YES they handed to us the marriage contract. The coming week we are so busy preparing our marriage, And it's done! April 28 we became Mr. and Mrs. D'. All the glory to God. My husband went back to Belgium after our honey moon. Our marriage contract was filed in taguig city for it is easy to file there than in quezon city. They told us that it will be release after a month. It's sad to be away with the one you love but we believe the will of God for us is to be together and no one can separate us. Now, I have to wait for another 3 weeks then I could request a copy of our marriage contract in NSO. The next step is to get a "Application for family Reunification to be with my husband. We believe that God will give us another favor again. "God is not too late nor too soon. But all His ways are perfect and on time."

    Till next updates... ^-^

    Opps...its quite long... I believe in some way this will help.

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