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    Acquiring your birth certificate and cenomar from NSO plus having them authenticated by DFA takes days or even weeks, my dear. You cannot get your papers on the same day if you apply for it. In this thread, you can find the link to ZD Pardo's blog regarding fiance visa application. There you can find information regarding the documents that you need including fees and processing time. Try to go through the first 5 pages of this thread and you'll find it. And also, being at the embassy at 8am is of course a good idea (to be sure you're on time) but trust me honey, you're just gonna wait too long. Plus it's not gonna make your processing time faster if you arrive there early. You're still gonna end up going home by 11am or something. But I'm just saying. I said this only to set your expectations.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Good luck!


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