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    hey ladies and felipe,

    i arrived well here in BE and i do apologize if i did not reply soon enough. yup, i finally met some of the family and friends during the last three days and i am loving the weather at the moment.. one thing for Desert Vixen, all there electrical outlet here is 220V, and in manila; we have 110V. so bring an adaptor, this will surely help you out.

    we are already sleeping in our house but still doing the shower and eating in his mom and dads place. though sooner or later we will move in completely.

    yup, me and ZD pardo are already FB friends and i totally agree on her suggestion. in the meantime, let me tell you our home address here, it is TUINWJK 52, 8600 DIKSMUIDE, BE

    and to grande J, hopefully your place is not that far from us. add me up if you like, please do feel free...

    till tomorroz again girls...x

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