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    Hello everyone and welcome back, Felipe!

    Thank you guys for your kind words. We are more than happy to be able to help others (like yourselves). We've all been there and we know exactly how you're all feeling right now. A special thanks to ZD Pardo. She's the one who started this forum. I always say she's the president of the Trio Tagapayo. Hehehe!

    Now regarding your comments, it is indeed not advisable to request for a 90 day visit visa (most especially if you are planning to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend). That usually (if not always) raises suspicion. Well, logically speaking, I don't think you need 90 days to see all of Belgium. Normally, 14 days would be enough. Thus, we (trio-tagapayo) advise applicants to request for not more than 21 days (but 14 days I guess is the safest). Another thing that we always advise is that you have to be honest with your intention. The visa officers can see right through you. So if you really have plans of staying in Belgium (with your boyfriend for example), then better apply for a fiancee visa. It is definitely more tedious but better start everything the right way.

    But enough of that. You guys have all lodged your applications anyway. Now comes the waiting time which can be excruciating sometimes. Hehehe! Just keep the faith guys. ;) And remember, if worse comes to worst (knock on wood...God forbid), you can always re-apply ASAP. So don't think that it's the end of the world. Just make sure to do everything right next time.

    I really, really wish you all the best. It always makes us happy whenever someone from this forum gets a positive result. :)

    God bless!

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