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    Hi kathleen

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    Thanks so much for the insight. And thanks for responding! I erroneously addressed the inquiry to myrnalyn when i meant you. Haha. But i appreciate myrnalyn for responding too. :) Thank you much. Really appreciate it.
    I have some further questions too if you dont mind. Can you give me a step by step process on how you got the visa so quick? We were disappointed with the belgian representative we spoke with at the embassy who is a bit sarcastic at that time, she said the fiance visa application will most likely be denied becoz we have only met once. She said that we should meet 4 more times to have better chance of approval. Im happy to hear that you didnt waited that long.
    But i think we will go for reunification visa, besides i wanna be married here in the philippines, i also wanna have a strong proof that we are already tied and we need to be together the soonest.
    Again, many thanks. And i hope you respond again. :)

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