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    Fiance Visa!kudasai!! ALSTUBLIEF!!i tried to post outside wall but no response

    posted by  Mariita Ecuatoriana in Belgium forum 

    Hello Izuta!

    I will like to help you but my case was a bit different from yours. But I can only say that if your file is taken to the Aliens Office in Brussels it can take from 2- 3 months until you hear about the decision. Did you call the Embassy? Usually when you submit the application they tell you how long will it take aprox. In my case they told me it will take 3 months and I got an answer after 2 months and 1 week.
    I would recommend you to call them, take a deep breath, be patient and keep the faith. Don´t get anxious if they take longer, this is how it is but is worth it.
    Good Luck!

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