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    Thanks very much.

    I would like to share my experience from the time of preparation of my documents up to the time of my inteview. I got my marriage contract and birth certificate in NSO. Get NBI clearance (international). Prepared all of these for almost 1 month, then I called the embassy for appointment. I thought I can get an appointment the next day or within that week but to my surprised I got it last sept 26. They only accommodate 2 person in a day. I lodge in my application last Sept 26 at 9:40 for reunification visa with EU member. i arrived exactly 8:40 am and I was just entering the room when the lady in the counter called my name. Asked my papers and checked it. They have no questions about my documents. I submitted more than they require. The interview was quite tough. It took 4 hrs after I finished the interview. First interview in the counter by the filipina staff. Asked me a lot of things about my husband. Then after 5 min of waiting she called me and asked me to leave my things outside that can only bring pen inside the interview room. I filled up 11 pages of papers. She gave me 30 min to finished it. It's all about our family composition and how I know my husband very well. I completed it before 30 min. Waited again for another 30 min. Then was called by the big lady (she is from netherland) and asked me to get inside her office, continuation of the interview. She couldn't believed that I could answer all the questions from the papers. She even asked me if I knew that things before. I said "no".She could really get into details. Even to my personal life. But I believed that I did my best to answer all her questions. My God help me. She checked again my papers and was asked that they need my husband's land title and his proof of income. Which I have with me and gave to her staff. It was 12:30 noon already. So, if you have your appointment in the morning better to go there as early as possible. Early than your appointment time. i asked the filipina staff how long they could release my visa she told me it depends on the conditions of my papers after they send it to Brussels. That I could check by calling the embassy. We then first submitted our marriage contract in the city hall of Kortrijk (it was translated in dutch) after more than a month, the city hall contacted my husband to go to the city hall and sign some documents.This will send to the procurer in Brugge. And from there when it is recognized they will send a copy in the embassy in Brussels. The best that me and my husband can do now is to be patient and pray for a positive result. Anyways, as husband and wife we are meant to be together.

    But I would like to ask, if the embassy will ask for another fees from my husband. If ever what is it? And can my husband know how much is the visa fee?

    Thanks very much again and I hope I gave an informative experience to everyone.

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