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    Miss Maria, Appeal letter;

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    Hi Maria,

    Hi have the appeal letter that will be needing for my objection against denial of my visit application.. I did also call the embassy for we were so confused where to send the appeal letter. The lady from the embassy told me that it is stated in the refusal letter where can i exactly appeal. And she told me in its in Belgium, my boyfriend did translate it also and he told me the address. Do you think we can send it directly to the said ALIEN LITIGATION COUNCIL? Lucky are you that you will be able to send it to the Embassy, i am from ILOILO CITY and i need to travel from here to get in to the Embassy. By the way if you don't mind can i ask what is the reason your tourist visa got refused before? And how did you know that your visa got approved? who did notify you? Did you received a mail or a phone call? Sorry Maria, i got alot of questions, i am just making sure that everything will turn just fine.. :-) Hope to hear from you soon.. :-)

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