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    this is RUBBISH;
    ''Yes, the embassy requires the minimum income or more from the man or woman. (the one who lives in belgium) Sorry I can't get into details. But base from what I've red here in this forum is about 2,000 euros. To finance or buy a ticket. And he needs a big amount in the bank from the last 3 yrs. A bank proof or statement. They will base from here proof that you are able to provide her/him needs. Because when she/he comes to belgium he or she cannot find a job right away. He or she should adapt the culture and life in belgium as well as their language. It's a must in belgium to learn their language. Anyways, it's free. But will take 1-2 yrs to learn depend if she/he is a fast learner.

    Hope this can help. We too are praying and trusting God for this. He will make a way. God bless.''

    1} Income ; about 1200 nett for 2 persons
    2] sufficient living space
    3]health insurance
    4]for the holiday visa; IF you are guarantee; sufficient income; at application; ticket reservation[booking is NOT required,since you don't know when or IF the visa is granted or denied.]
    5 ]Steady income ;above 120% Social security level
    6] Employment contract [OR unemployed payment, if proved looking for a job,and registered at Dienst Arbeid
    7] Healthinsurance with medical coverage for EC OF 30.0000€

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