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    Marrying a belgian

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    hi myrnalyn! :)
    im a newbie in this site, and ive been reading some of the forums about getting the right visa to be with the belgian boyfriend. I went through this forum and saw you were very helpful, sana matulungan mo din ako.
    i have the same, common problem with the rest.
    I met a belgian guy november last year (communicate through facebook) through my aunt who is already a resident in belgium for 22 years. Since january this year he is already my boyfriend.
    Tried to apply schengen visa on january but application was denied (although all documents and other needed details were well provided, but the main reason of rejection is about the assurance that i will be coming back to the philippines after the 3 months stay, they said it was not well supported...sigh). Ok, so he visited me instead for 21days (june 2-22), and just before he went back to belgium we tried to visit the belgian embassy in makati to inquire about the right process and what are the things that we must do to file a fiance visa. Unfortunately, the people in the embassy, besides being grumpy, were not really friendly and helpful, and instead reffered us to their website for the information. Argh. Anyways, just to cut the frustration, i just wanna ask, say we meet only once and we opted to get married on october this year, will there be problems then? and if that is possible, we will then apply visa for reunification with spouse, how long do you think will it be processed? we already fallen in love (ayee :P), and we cant be without each other now. We just wanna have the fastest way possible to be together in belgium.

    i hope i can get a response from you soonest. thanks in advance! :)

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