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    Dear all,

    posted by  Sharrunya Balachandar in Belgium forum 

    Dear all,

    I have been following this forum for quite sometime and thank you for all of you for your helpful contribution.

    I am Sharrunya from India and I was married in September, 2011.My husband is also an Indian, currently working in Belgium on a work permit. I could only apply for the family reunion visa on the 11th of November as it took two months to get all the required papers for the visa.
    My husband has been contacting the Belgian authorities frequently and the recent feedback from them was that I cannot expect a reply to my application from them until May,2011. He was told that the visa office has received some orders from the Belgian Gov, not to process any spouse visa application (launched after sept, 2011)before 6 months.
    But once they start the process it should take only a week or so to receive a feedback.

    My husband and I were both heartbroken to hear this news.
    Is anyone aware of this situation?


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