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    ZD Pardo, you rock!!!! Your blog is extremely detailed and informative. I don't think I can do the same. Hahaha! But I would really try. I showed my fiance your blog and we both promised ourselves that we're gonna share our experience too. I have found some forums where I saw posts from ladies like us who have questions about visa processing. So your blog alone can probably answer all the questions they have in mind. You are such an angel for all of us. I cannot thank you enough. :)

    Btw, there's something I haven't told my fiance yet since I found out about it just a few hours ago (and we have yet to meet on Skype 30mins from now). But since I feel that you and Anna Liza are already my friends (hahaha! =P) I might as well share the good news. AKKOORD. Yes, I saw that word on my visa application information (from the dofi thing website). I can't believe it went sooooo fast. :)) (Super smile)

    And here's a question though. Did you need to have your passport stamped with this COF thing? I saw from some forums that you need it when you get married abroad. But I don't know if it's true.

    And to Anna Liza,
    I can give you some hints on how it went sooo fast with my case. Throw some questions and I'll answer them. But yeah, pretty much, ZD Pardo already said it all. Hehehe. :)

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