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    Hello back Ladies and Felipe,

    so i sorted out my girly stuff to bring to BE and fortunately, FEdex is having some promos these days. there biggest box is 25kg and it is worth Php1012.80 each and it will be delivered right at our doorstep after 3 working days. I also asked PhilPost and for a 25kg, it is worth Php18,600. so i am obviously grabbing FEdex only because i feel safe with it and it already created it's name and reputation. so 3 boxes of 25kg. here i go!!!

    ZD Pardo - owwww... i love weekends! great that you had enjoyed it with your husband! with me and my man, we do dive a lot and the last time i dive in france with him in a freezing cold water i was suffocated with my suit.. as per my man, i am still adopting to the dive suit with gazillions of layers! hehehe.. so i am looking forward in diving again in the cold waters..

    Desert Vixen - hahaha.. i know! friday the 13th it is this coming Friday right?.. we'll monday will be okay i guess too..

    Felipe - dear, you will be fine.. start choosing which clothes to bring for your vacay.. wohooo!!


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