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    The time that I am working with our papers here. My husband told me to send the copy of our
    marriage contract in belgium. It was authenticated by the DFA and the embassy. But we still included our marraige contract in my requirements. I asked this from the embassy and was told that they still need the copy of our marriage contract for their files. I Sent it via DHL and took only 2 days, after my husband had it. It was translated first to dutch and after that my husband brought it to the city hall. It took more than 1 month after my husband received a letter from the city hall that he has to sign some papers there. Then they told him that this will send to the procurer in Brugge (this th right spelling) to recognize and file it there. Then from there, they will let the embassy in Brussels know that our marriage is recognize.

    I asked this to the help.desk in be and told me the same thing

    Iya V..

    There are 2 old ladies from Netherlands in the embassy. The one who first interviewed us during the times that we had our legal capacity, she was 5'5 in height and quite fat she wear glases all the time. The one who interviewed me
    recently, she was big and tall lady about 5;7 in height and had a short curly hair.

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