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    To Jenni

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    Hallo there again!

    You are welcome! I am glad to be of help. I made a file on how I did it step-by-step. I can send it to you via email. But it is for FV and not for FRV.

    With regards to your comment about the visa officers in the embassy, many applicants shared that same opinion too. But I believe that they are just doing their job. They have to be strict and firm since there are false applications like fake relationship or marriage for convenience. The embassy is more strict now in accepting immigrants since there is still a problem with the war refugees who come to Europe.

    The length of relationship is indeed important. We are just blessed and lucky enough to get a visa approval because we complied with all the necessary documents and the investigation with my hubby here in Belgium went okay. Getting married there, being in a relationship for more than 2 years or more, and getting pregnant first are not a guarantee that the applicant can get an approval. There are stories of people I know who had the same result. But still they did not give up until they got their visa approval.

    Anyway, just tell me if I have to send the copy of the file because I seldom go online here. Just feel free to ask. Or maybe I can add you to our group on Facebook. There are people there who can also help you with the visa application you plan to get in the future. Goodluck! :)


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