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    need advice

    posted by  a sj in Belgium forum 

    good day Trio Tagapayo and to you Felipe.

    Im so glad i found this forum, it's really very helpful to persons seeking answers to a lot of questions regarding visa applications like me.

    Im hoping that you can give me an advice too on my situation.

    Im legally married in Philippines but 10 years separated, when I was in Dubai working I met a BE guy through internet, through constant chats and texts, we fell in love and he came to visit me twice. Now Im back in Philippines and planning to apply for a visit a friend visa through his sponsorship.

    Will they deny my application since Im a married woman without proof that Im separated from my ex husband for 10 years and that I have a boyfriend who is inviting me to visit him in BE?

    I hope you guys can give me some idea on how to get my application approve.

    thanks in advance.


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