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    Need help for a Cohabitation visa

    posted by  Cristian Soriano in Belgium forum 

    Hi Ton,

    Thank you very much for your response about my query. It's really very helpful.
    But unfortunately we don't have phone bills as we always used internet as our way of communication (because we met each other online); we did call each other but mainly my partner bought calling cards to be able to call me with less cost, and I did call directly from my cellphone at times (but she's usually the one calling me). We only once stayed in a hotel but it was booked by our friend as welcome gift for my partner when she visited the Philippines last 2012, so the booking was under our friend's name. We have always stayed in her cousins house when she came to visit me.

    We do have plenty of pictures together but I'm just worried that pictures are not enough to prove that our relationship is genuine and that might cause the denial of my visa application. That's why I was thinking if I print out our conversation and call logs on skype that would be a strong proof that we have constant communication (My concern here is that we chat almost everyday so those conversations and call logs would be too much to print out during our 12 years as a couple). So do you think skype call logs would be enough because I do agree that there are private things on our conversation and we wouldn't like them to be public.

    What other proofs could I submit to the Belgium Embassy to prove them that we are really a couple?
    Also what other requirements should we submit?

    Thank you very much for your appreciated response and help about this.


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