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    Hi Lambert,

    Thank you for your reply about my question in regards to your visa application...
    I had the chance to have some very helpful replies/tips from Nutty from this forum as well.
    I am very glad that you have had the time to answer my question since it will also be very helpful for me because you're from the Philippines too and so probably you have faced the same issues during your visa application as myself.
    So your visa decision took about 3 months as you mentioned on your reply ... I'm glad for you that you have received an approval to your visa and that you're living with your partner now in BE... By the way, may partner is currently living in Brussels which is I think an hour by train from Antwerp...

    Anyway, I have other questions for you and I hope you could help me... My partner and I are actually planning to apply this month for cohabitation visa but we are not sure if an invitation letter is needed from my partner that I will also need to submit during the application... Could you please confirm this to me?... Also my partner sent me all the proofs of our relationship that she has (unfortunately the only plane ticket that she has are her plane tickets from Brussels to Manila when she came to visit me here in the Philippines, we used to stay in manila only and just hang out in the malls and go for outings in manila with our families but we didn't keep any of the receipts because we didn't know we might need them one day). The proofs that we had are some of her plane tickets when she visited me here, copy of the stamps in her passports when she came here in the Philippines, the birthday and monthsary cards she usually writes for me and show's me on cam when we chat, skype yahoo list of call and messages and some of the FB screenshots from the day we have joined FB and some pictures of us together (should we also include pictures together with family and friends or just picture of us together is enough?) Also, could you please guide me, what type of visa is cohabitation visa? is it a type D visa or Type C? I'm asking this because I'm not sure how much I would need to pay for the visa application (is it the €60,00 or the €180,00?). Sorry for all the questions I'm asking but Ijust want to make sure that when I apply I have all the documents needed to avoid denial of my entry in BE.

    Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to receiving your prompt reply.
    All the best,

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