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    Hallo there! I am happy for you that you already did your interview in the embassy. All you just have to do now is wait and pray for a positive result. I can understand your anxiety. It is really stressful to wait for the visa result but never lose hope. Everything is possible with God's grace.

    With regards to the written questions, it is right that you told the truth. It is normal for every couple to not know 100% of their partner's whereabouts. You will know more each other once you and him live together under one roof. But they said that we should know at least 80% of our husband's whereabouts.

    In my experience, I answered some of the questions with ''I don't know.'' or ''I'm not sure with the date or place.'' I just wonder why you have no idea about his ex-wife because it is common for every couple to know that especially if your partner is divorced. But then it is a case-to-case basis.

    You cannot just invent a name or story. But if you did, just make sure that you can stand for every word that you wrote in the paper. But I admire what you did. Honesty is still the best policy. It is normal for you and your husband to feel pessimistic about it. When I finished my interview, I was really paranoid if I answered it right or wrong.

    Anyway, your husband will have his interview here in Belgium soon and your answers will be compared. My husband had his almost 2-hour interview with the procureur. He even answered fish for my favorite food but what I wrote in the paper was pasta. Haha! So I got more paranoid after his interview. But it went well and thanks be to God for that.

    I hope that you will have your visa approval soon. God will grant your prayers. Just never lose hope and trust Him. Try to divert your attention to lessen your anxiety. And continue to support each other especially in times like this. Goodluck! :)

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