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    Welcome back, Felipe!

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    Hi Felipe! Long time no talk. Hehehe! How was your vacay?

    Anyhow, about your question, I really can't answer that because I am no expert on Visit Visa (as my case was denied) but what I know for sure is that it will be best if the invitation letter will be specific about your purpose to visit Belgium. Clearly state what you plan to do such as your trips, the things you're gonna visit, activities (such as meeting his friends) and clearly mention too that your friend is committed to make sure that you get back to Philippines before your visa expires. That info I got from a girl I talked with at the embassy who had her visit visa approved (despite that she was visiting her boyfriend and it was her first time in BE).

    I'm happy to know that you are not giving up on this. :) Would you mind letting us know why your application was denied? Is it ok to share with us what reasons were mentioned in the letter you got from the embassy?

    Btw, 21 days sounds good. ;)

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