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    flights, insurance, luggage and felipe

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    Hey Desert Vixen and Felipe,

    so i just forwarded tot he embassy's email my flight details from Etihad, i payed oneway $760USD and insurance from Chartis worth $150USD. So hopefully by friday i should get my passport with visa finally! we'll see..

    good for you if you will buy your stuff in BE. but for me, i really want to bring them all.. but i will consider PhilPost or other businesses that caters freight services. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

    for felipe, my dear, coz for me, i always submit the requirements complete so i am really not certain on how will it work with your situation, the thing is, once the officer accepted your docs, normally they will give you a grace period to complete the docs submission, afterwards, complete or not, they will forward this to Belgium itself for final decision. why dont you try to check again the link around May 20 and see if there is anything by then, if not, then just follow up with the embassy by June first week should there be still no advice.

    in the meantime, just sitback and relax.. let's admit it, it is still a little early to worry right?.. you'll be fine..;)


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