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    Hi Angela,

    Welcome to our forum. :) Now, about your question...

    I don't think your marriage life should affect your visa application for as long as it is only to visit a friend/boyfriend. But if it's for a fiancee visa, then it's a completely different story.

    Here are some useful tips I can give:

    1. Keep the duration of your visit short. (2-3 weeks is normally safe)
    2. Make sure to have all the requirements with you on the day of your appointment.
    3. Proof of your relationship with your partner (such as pictures, e-mails, cards). It doesn't have to be a lot but at least bring a few.
    4. Be polite to the visa officers no matter how b****y they can get. ;)
    5. Make sure to have a very strong reason to come back home. It's not literally a part of the requirements but it is very logical. For example, a stable job, family, business, etc.
    6. Be specific about your itinerary and include it on the letter of invitation from your partner. For example, don't just say something like, "She's gonna come here to meet some friends and family and tour around Belgium." Be more specific and add something like, "On her first week, I'm going to take her to my grandparent's house so she can meet some of my relatives. In the weekend, we might go out with some of my friends from college. On her second week, we shall be exploring neighboring cities like Brussels, Gent and Antwerp." This is to let the staff from the embassy (or the immigration service of Belgium) know that you have real plans. It makes your visit less suspicious.

    The processing time can be 3-5 weeks depending on the case. So make sure to apply 2 months (I think that's best) before your intended date of travel.

    I hope this helps. And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. :)


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