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    Hi everyone

    posted by  ZD Pardo in Belgium forum 

    I am not aware that there's a new requirement for fiance or spouse visa..I was browsing the forum and saw some post about CFO and seminars before leaving the country (for fiance and spouse visa)..so I did some research myself..and found this helpful link: "As Filipinos going abroad as fiancé(e)s, spouses or other partners of foreign nationals, you are required to attend the CFO's guidance and counseling session in order to secure the Guidance and Counseling Certificate (GCC) and the CFO sticker."


    During the time we applied for fiance visa (a year ago), this was not required..anyone who wants to share what they know regarding CFO? For the benefit of those who are processing their papers or who are planning to process papers for both fiance and spouse visa...


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