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    To Jhian

    posted by  ZD Pardo in Belgium forum 

    Hi Jhian,

    As I understand it, you will apply for the visit visa first and if you will be granted the visit visa, you will bring along with you the documents needed required for fiance visa for translation ~ correct?

    Here is my take on this..

    Visit visa and Fiance Visa are two different visa types with different requirements.. with visit visa, you don't need CENOMAR ~ only in Fiance visa that they require CENOMAR. Now, if you are going for your visit visa appointment interview and bring with you your CENOMAR to have it authenticated, they will ask you in the embassy what's your purpose of having it authenticated when you are just going there for a visit...and that might jeopardize your visit visa application (this is just my opinion though)...You can always have your documents authenticated in the embassy, (I don't say you can't) but again, you have to consider that your visit visa application might be affected... So I suggest you do the preparation of your Fiance visa requirements once you have an approved visit visa application.. you also have to remember that NO documents should be older than 6 months or else it will not be accepted in BE and you have to do it all over again..so you also have to consider the time element for documents when you apply for Fiance visa...you can't prepare the documents too early before your actual application..

    Jhian, one step at a time...that way, it will not be overwhelming for you too...

    God bless.
    -ZD Pardo

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