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    Hello again. :)

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    Hello again Felipe,

    ZD and Anna are both very busy these days. Anna is on a holiday and ZD already started her Dutch lessons.

    I checked the website of the embassy regarding and I actually didn't even see the letter of invitation as part of the requirements. However, I am not suggesting that this is no longer necessary. Of course it will still be best to have it and I don't think it has to be legalized by the city hall or something like that. It says in the website, however, that a Letter explaining details of relationship with sponsor is part of the requirements. And this is where the proof of relationship comes in. It's best for you to submit photos with your partner, e-mails, or messages and wall posts on Facebook (screen shots will do). If you have a billing statement for the phone calls you've had with him, that will also be good to submit. You can also give them screen shots of your Skype conversations. If you don't have chat conversations (or IMs) but just video call, then take a screen shot of the duration of the video call including the date and time.

    Is your partner's brother still gonna be your sponsor? If that's the case, it will be better to have some proof of your relationship with him too. Just to show that he knows you personally and that you also converse with each other once in a while.

    I hope this helps. Btw, when is your schedule for the embassy? My mom is going to apply for a visit visa too. My fiance and I are hoping she can attend our wedding. Her schedule is on the 28th of July. They told her that's the earliest date available. Seems like there have been too many applications lately. Hehehe!

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