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    marriage declaration act

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    I found this in www.diplomatie.be site hope will help.

    Copy of the Marriage Declaration Act from Belgium (akte van aangifte van huwelijk / acte de déclaration de mariage) to be issued by a municipality in Belgium.

    If you wish to marry in Belgium go to the Town Hall where the marriage is going to take place and sign a Notice of intended marriage - 'Huwelijksaangifte' - 'Déclaration de mariage'. This notice constitutes a marriage licence which becomes valid for six months 14 days after it was issued. If you do not get married within six months, you need another Notice.

    In order to marry in Belgium you have to either be a Belgian citizen or marry a Belgian or a foreign resident.

    Important: in Belgium the civil marriage (before the registrar at the Town Hall) is the only legal marriage. You are of course free to also have a religious ceremony, but the civil marriage must always precede the religious ceremony.

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