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    Hello Desert Vixen, i apologize for my numbers, per 25kg in FEdex is Ten Thousand and twelve pesos and eighty centavos!Php10,012.80 hehe.. sorry really! Wow! seriously this is so cool! all of us are from West Flanders! wohoooo!!!! right on!

    for the sea life in cold waters, not very promising.. water is almost zero visibility and very yellow green every where.. so intimidating but hey, it's always nice to try other water around the world right.. more on lobsters and some weird looking fishes.. for me, nothing beats the tropics that's why they love the philippines!but one thing we totally have to try is NEMO 33. i am so looking forward for this pool for a fun dive!

    can't wait to get settled in BE.. especially now that i know i am so not alone! yahoooo!

    Felipe, you know what? every single time i am applying for visit a friend visa and even now with the fiancee visa, me and my man are always very worried and anxious on when and how are we going to receive any news from the embassy and trust me, it's all normal! you'll be fine.. we've all been there and done that! hehehe...

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