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    Hi Desert Vixen

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    There are various reasons why Fiance visa is denied. And as you said, it's a case to case basis. I think one basic requirement is that a couple has to prove that they are in a relationship for at least a year before applying for visa. And for that, the embassy will be asking proofs that you are really together like his visits to you (or your visits to him), the letters or cards (snail mail or email), chats, conversations on phone (through phone bills), etc. Most of the time, they ask how many times you have seen each other? When, where, and how you met? and so many questions (You will have a very thorough Q&A with the visa officer 5-6 weeks after you lodge the application). If the couple hasn't personally seen each other (but only through videoconferencing in the net) then that can be a ground for visa denial. In my case, my husband and I have been together since 2009 before applying for the visa and getting married and he visited Philippines 3 times and I visited Belgium once.

    I just finished writing a blog about my experience in processing visit visa (i will PM you the link) and tomorrow (if time permits) I will write about my experience in processing the fiance visa. Hopefully to send you the link tomorrow.

    Good luck to your application and God bless.


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