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    hey ladies and gentleman :D

    posted by  ZD Pardo in Belgium forum 

    Sorry we're away for the weekend and I only get to check my emails today..

    @Felipe - I was not asked for COE on my visit to a friend visa so don't worry about it..you will receive an advice from the embassy before this month ends or first week of June.. I remember my visa reference number was not also registered in the dofi website, but still received a positive response from the embassy 5 weeks later through email.. so don't worry your pretty head about it ~ the (positive) answer will be given to you in no time. keep the faith brother! :D

    @Annaliza - I suggest that you stick to the airlines rule on baggage limit.. My fight was also Etihad and I was charged Php15K for a 10kilo overweight (but only because I have with me our wedding paraphernalia that I cannot leave behind). I suggest you send your other stuff through a freight service. I also had my other things send through philpost ~ here is the link for the rate (http://philpost.gov.ph/web/international_postage_rates.pdf)

    Keep in touch y'all. God bless!

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