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    Hi Nutty, Oh wow, it will be soon.. You will be joining your Fiancee for a life time. I would like to congratulate you again for the success of your application. :-) oh i see, you have a 13 months relationship with your fiancee right? Sounds great, i think its a big help that your fiancee visited you for quite sometime. Me and my boyfriend will have a 12 months relationship on October this year and were planning to apply Fiancee Visa by next year. He just visited me once and i supposed to visit him last June but my Visit Visa got denied. We just talk from the other night and we will try again for Visit application. If it won't succeed , he will going to visit me here instead.. :-) I hope by next year it would be our lucky year to be with each other forever.. Thank you so much for your warm response Nutty, wishing you the best of luck and a Happy trip on the 10th of July.. :-)

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